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Who We Are

Techilaw is a platform where you can get solutions,services,
consultancy and training on both Technical and Legal fields.

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Your feedback and questions are important to us. Drop us an email and we do our best to provide an answer by the next business day.

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About us

Techilaw is a platform where you can get Legal and Cyber law Consultancy from Cyber Law experts, Training by Certified Cyber Security proffessionals, and Solutions on both Technical and Legal fields by Industry experts having more than 15 years of experience in this field.

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We are second to none when it comes to delivering quality training or providing legal solutions to our clientele. We Provide Safety and Security measures(online/offline both) for your Intellectual property/important or confidential data/personal or corporate credentials,etc.

We are a qualified and industry experienced team of :
– Lawyers
– Cyber Lawyers
– Certified Ethical Hackers
– Cyber Crime Investigators
– Cyber Law Consultants
– Cyber Security Auditors

What we do

We Create safe cyber platform for your day to day internet usage.

We Provide a Certified Course in Cyber Security, Cyber Laws and we have a team of experts for Threat analysis in business , Testing Networks, Risk Evaluation, Vulnerability Assessment/Patch ,Strengthening Network Security Policies for your business.

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Certified course in cyber security

Certified course in cyber laws

Major/ Industrial training for technical/non-technical students.

Exclusive training session for Law enforcement agencies

We also provide internships in cyber security and cyber law.

Corporate Training Program- Banks,Institutes,Companies,IT Admins,Managers,etc.

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